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Please contact a librarian at 312 585 0084, or see them in person with the details of the book.

I have damaged a book that I checked out. What do I do?

Please contact a librarian at 312 585 0084, or see them in person with the details of the book. 

I've lost a book I checked out. What do I do?

You can only use your own card to borrow an item from the library.

Can I borrow book from the Library by using somebody else’s card?

If the library is open, you need to return item on the given date regardless of whether it is the weekend or a weekday. 

The due date of the book that I borrowed falls on the weekend, what can I do?

You can use "My Account" to renew the books, online.

Can I renew a book and how?

Once you reach the catalog record of the title, click on the “hold” button. Enter your network user name & password, and follow the steps.

The book that I want to borrow has been checked out by someone else. How do I reserve (hold) a book?

For borrowing privileges, please click here.

How many books can I borrow?

You may borrow reserve materials (3 hrs. loan) overnight. You need to borrow them after 22.30 and should return them in the morning before 09.00 to avoid fine. .

Can I borrow reserve materials overnight?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a free of charge service providing print materials -which are not available in the TEDU Ayse Ilıcak Library's collection- for loan from other university and research libraries. TEDU users can benefit from this service by filling ILL Request Form.

What is ILL (Interlibrary Loan) ?

No, the latest issue arrived in the library cannot be borrowed

Can I borrow the latest issue of the Journal that I want to read?

The Library does not charge users for the library fines lower than 5 TL

My library fine has not reached to 5 TL. Do I need to pay for it?

You paid yours fine with TEDUpass cards.

How do I pay library fine?

TEDU or TED alumni can use the library

I am an TEDU or TED alumni. How can I use the library?

From the "My Library Account" address, you can see the resources you have borrowed online and when you need to return these resources. In addition, reminders are made automatically by the system before and on the day of the return via email. Please update your contact information in the system.

When should I return the borrowed resources?

Call number identifies an item’s subject area as well as its place on the shelves in the library. 

What is call number?

You can use online Library catalogue to see if the title is available in the library collection or not. If the title is imprint, you need to take its call number to find it on shelves. Otherwise, just click on its link to access the title. 

How can I find a book in the library collection?

Yes, you can scan all the resources in the printed or electronic collection of the library with the help of the discovery tool in the catalog section.

Can I browse all library resources on a single screen?

The library is open between 09:00 – 22:00 at the weekdays and 09:00– 22:00 at the weekends. For national or religious holidays, please follow news on the library web site or our social media channels.

When is the library open?

You can send your suggestion/complaint mail to Also you can contact librarian. 

I have a suggestion/complaint. How can I send it?

You can ask a librarian at the Information Desk.

I can’t find an article in the library databases, what should I do?

In order to access the electronic resources provided by the library from off-campus, you do not need to follow the off-campus access connection steps. VPN and proxy connection are the connections you can use. Click for the necessary steps.

What should I do to access the library's electronic resources from off-campus?

In addition to printed and electronic resources, you can borrow laptops, calculators from the library.

What materials does the library provide other than books?

You can borrow these materials for 3 hours with your student ID card from the D block loan counter.

What to do to borrow laptop, calculator?

No, it cannot be done. If there is no laptop or calculator available to borrow, the queue starts.

Can a calculator and/or laptop reservation be made in advance?

In order to use group study rooms, you must first make a room reservation by entering "study room reservation" from TEDUPortal for the room you want to use. A person can book a room for a maximum of 2 hours in a day. The person making the reservation must come to the D block lending counter at the time of reservation and get the room key. Room reservations of users who arrive 15 minutes late from the reservation time will be cancelled.

How can I use group study rooms?

Yes, you can request a book from the library. For this, you must first be a TEDU member. Please click for the book request survey. You can specify 5 books in the survey you have completed. From the moment of application, the relevant books are sent to the library.After the books you have requested are evaluated according to their suitability with the mission and vision of our university and library, purchases are made. You can access the information about whether the books you have requested are in the library by scanning the catalogue.

Can I request a book from the library?