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According to the protocol signed between TED University Ayşe Ilıcak Library and Middle East Technical University Library, Bilkent University Library, Atılım University Kadriye Zaim Library, TOBB University of Economics & Technology, Gazi University; Academic staff working at our university can borrow books from the specified university libraries.

If the university lecturer wants to use the library of the other university, the lecturer can apply to our library and fill out the Protocol Form in two copies; It must be approved by the library counter and delivered one of the forms to the counter.

Responsibilities of Our Users:

• Faculty members mutually benefit from the library of the relevant institution.

• In case the instructors want to use the library of the institution where the protocol is signed, they apply to their own library and fill out the protocol form. The user submits the form approved by the library to the other library with a photograph in order to issue the card. This form is renewed 3 times a year (on 1 December, 1 April, 1 August). Application must be made within ten days at the latest from the date of receipt of the form.

• Periodicals, Reference Resources, Rare Works, Art Collection, Reserve Resources, Books belonging to the Unit, Printed theses and non-book information resources are not allowed to be lent.

• In the event that the user's communication with the university is interrupted, he/she has to obtain confirmation from the library with the Protocol that they have no relations.

• The user can borrow five books at a time for 30 days, if necessary, during the term. Borrowed books must be returned after 30 days of use. If it is not reserved by another user; 1 time extension can be done.

• For books that are not returned on time, lost or physically damaged, the lending library's then current lending rules apply. The user who delays the borrowed books for more than ten days in a period and repeats them three times is not loaned for one year.

• Users are primarily responsible for borrowed books. In case of not being able to communicate with users who borrowed books and do not return them in accordance with the rules, the university to which the users are affiliated covers the damages.