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External User Library Membership Form

TED University Ayşe Ilıcak Library is a research library open not only to TED and TEDU members, but also to everyone with the vision of being a city university.

Our library serves as 2 blocks.

These blocks differ in the use of our external users.

Our D block library is for our external users at undergraduate and higher education level.

Our B block library is for our external users at primary, secondary and high school education levels.

In order to use our library, you must fill out the relevant form in the external user forms section of the forms and documents section of our library's website.

It is mandatory to fill in the library membership form completely and correctly.

The forms are approved by the library within 24-48 hours after they are filled.

At the end of the approved form, the user's library usage process begins.

In order to benefit from the library effectively, please carefully read the items in the membership form.

Click to fill out the “External User Form for Users at Undergraduate and Higher Education Level”.

Click to fill out the “External User Form for Primary, Secondary and High School Level Users”.

*Library density, exam week, university events, etc. reserves the right to restrict use.

*Due to the intensity of the final exam period and library renovations, our library was closed to outside use until July 3, 2023.