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Library Rules

  • Current members of TED University (registered students, academic and administrative staff) become natural members of the library after they received the identity card provided by the University.
  • Public users can use library materials and services only within the library building, but cannot become members of the library and cannot borrow the materials.
  • Students are required to obtain a certificate of severance from the library clearing them of any debt to the library in case of graduation, dropping out of school, cancellation of studentship, etc. Otherwise, students cannot get their diplomas or related documents. Students who owe the library can obtain the certificate of severance only if they pay their debts.
  • Academic and administrative staff who retire or resign or take a temporary leave from the university for a period of time are required to return borrowed library materials and obtain a certificate of severance from the library. Otherwise, their leave procedures cannot be completed by the Human Resources department.
  • Have your identity card with you and show it to the library staff when required.
  • Do not bring any food into the library in order to prevent any damage or disturbance.
  • Turn off your mobile phone at the library entrance or make sure it is on silent mode.
  • Do not talk loudly and disturb other users in the library.
  • Use the library documents carefully. Do not take library documents out of the library without a permit from the librarian. Do not ask the librarian to lend you the books without a permit.
  • Users should inform the library staff if they lose loaned documents or if they find damaged documents. Precautions can be taken against those who damage the documents.
  • Users are responsible for their personal belongings. The library is not responsible if personal belongings are lost or stolen.
  • Any bags and books should be shown to the library staff at the exit if required.
  • Smoking in the library is forbidden.
  • Keep in mind that copyright is taken into consideration while making copies.
  • Users cannot enter the library before the opening hour and are expected to leave the library at the closing hour. In case of emergency (fire, flood, etc...) the librarian may ask the users to evacuate the library.