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Inter Library Loan Policy

  • Libraries, which are the member of ANKOS make their loan requests by using KITS (Interlibrary Cooperation Trailing System). Libraries, which are not member of ANKOS make interlibrary loan requests through reciprocal protocols.
  • Faculty members and students can make a loan request to the libraries which signed reciprocal protocols only by presenting their academic or student ID card.
  • Before making a loan request, the user should check the status and availability of the book(s) s/he wants to borrow by using the Library Catalogue
  • The faculty members and graduate students of universities and research institutes can borrow from other libraries up to 7 books for 30 days and undergraduate students can borrow up to 3 books for 15 days. Any institution can borrow 15 books at most from any other library.
  • Faculty members are responsible for the books that they borrowed but it is the universities, which are responsible for the books that the graduate students borrowed.
  • It is possible to make loan extensions twice unless another user makes a request for the book(s). However it is not possible to reserve a book.
  • It is not possible to make a loan request for CD-ROM or software, reference sources, audio-visual sources (film, cassettes, video, CD, DVD), special collections and periodicals.
  • If there are some overdue or undelivered books in a user’s library account, the loan request of the account owner will not be processed until the books are delivered and the overdue penalty is paid.
  • The daily penalty for undelivered/overdue books is 0.50 TL a day. This penalty should be paid to Denizbank Cebeci Branch – IBAN TR27 0013 4000 0055 7473 0000 31 and the receipt should be sent to the TED University Ayse Ilıcak Library by e-mail
  • The library which makes a loan request is responsible for any damages to the books, delays, losses etc. TED University Ayse Ilıcak Library cannot be held responsible for any of these.
  • Any library, which would like to make a loan request from TEDU Ayse Ilıcak Library, accepts the current terms and conditions about book lending. The libraries’ loan requests will not be processed and borrowing books will be suspended if the books borrowed are delayed ten days after the deadline twice.
  • Books that are borrowed via cargo shipment must be returned in the same way. The expenses of cargo shipments should be paid by the library, which made the loan request.