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Academic Research Incentive

Academic Research Incentive Directive adopted at the Senate meeting dated 17 February 2022 and numbered 2022/6

Academic Research Incentive Directive

Process Calendar - 2022

Application PeriodApplication Start DateApplication End DateEvaluationResults & Decisions


Process Calendar - 2023

Application PeriodApplication Start DateApplication End DateEvaluationResults & Decisions


** Award applications are made in 4 terms (January, April, July and October) per year.

*** The Office of the Rector reserves the right to change the dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

Number of Awarded Articles78--
Number of Awarded Book / Book Chapter 5--
Number of Awarded Project8--
Number of Patent / Utility Model2--
Number of SDG Publications41--
Number of Open Access Publications32--
Number of International Co-Authored Publications22--
Q Dağılımı



Full-time and part-time faculty members, administrative staff, undergraduate and graduate program students, and TED University members leaving TED University for various reasons can apply.

Who can apply?

No. TED University address; Awards are given to articles, books, chapters, patents and projects.

Can every post type get an award?

The author, by filling out the award application form completely; may be handed over to the private office. Personnel leaving TEDU can apply to the Registrar's Office with a petition.

How can I apply?

Applications for research incentive award; It is taken four times a year (in January, April, July and October). It is evaluated and decided by the University Administrative Board (ÜYK).

When can I apply?

It is sufficient to apply once for a publication. Applications for publications that cannot be awarded are automatically renewed in each award period.

How many times can I apply for a publication?

The amount of publication award is determined by the University Administrative Board (ÜYK) at the beginning of each academic year. You can access here the Executive Board Meeting Minutes, in which the reference award amounts for the year 2022 for the coefficients determined in the relevant directive are determined.

Where can I find the broadcast reward amounts?

No. The article is on WoS; It should be indexed in SCI-Expanded, SSCI and A&HCI or scanned in Scopus.

Can I apply for all my published articles?

Payment is made following the decision of the University Administrative Board (ÜYK) in line with the amounts determined for the salary account.

How and when is the prize amount paid?

If the book was not awarded in the first edition, an award may be given. The book that was awarded in the first edition will not be awarded in new editions.

With the new edition of my book, can I apply for the award?

No. Translation, congress/conference/symposium, proceedings books and question banks are not subject to award.

Can I apply for the award in all book types?

Each TED University member must apply for the award separately.

How to apply if the authors of multi-author publications are members of TED University?

Within 5 years following the date of leaving TED University; The author can apply for an award for publications addressed to TED University.

Can I apply for the award if I leave TED University?

Yes. In case you apply again, the difference between the award and the difference will be paid.

My nationally registered patent has been registered internationally. Can I reapply for the award?

Applications can be made for the project award within the start and end times specified in the project contract.

When can I apply for the project award?

For submission of applications;

Burcu Karaca
Burcu Karaca

For your questions about articles, books and book chapters;

Merve Eryılmaz-3
Merve Eryılmaz
Enes Çelik
Enes Çelik

For your questions about the project and patent;

Sanem Yalçıntaş
Sanem Yalçıntaş
Seda Damla Yücel
Seda Damla Yücel

For your questions about the application with a petition;

Çiğdem Atakan Obuz
Çiğdem Atakan Obuz
Seher Güzey
Seher Güzey

For payments;

Helin Aşkın
Helin Aşkın