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Database Usage Rules

Within the scope of license agreements, database we have subscribed to is available to the members of TEDU. As per the agreements, violation of rules by a person and/or persons results in temporary or permanent restriction of access.

Attention to the rules for the use of subscription and trial databases is of great importance for our institution.

Database usage rules:

  • It is forbidden to systematically copy multiple works from databases by using robots or similar software.
  • Selling the database, distribution of content or usage for profit is forbidden.
  • Distribution of book chapters, articles, and all other information sources obtained from the database via data collection tools or e-mail lists and sending these to persons or institutions outside the university are forbidden.
  • Making changes in the information in the databases or creating similar sources by making use of these is forbidden.
  • The database can only be used for personal research and to meet the personal need for information.
  • A certain number of printed or electronic copies can be obtained (only one article, only one chapter of a book, etc.)

IPS that users use in and outside the institution as well as their user names and passwords are restricted if they do not obey the rules mentioned above. Moreover, as illegal usage apart from license agreements will put users under legal liabilities, users have to give utmost importance to obeying these rules.