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Elektronik Kitaplar

The Computer Machinery Association (ACM) is the leading resource for computer science research. ACM eBook Collection I provides access to 25 e-books.

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ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) eBook Collection I

It features quality titles from leading publishers, including university publishers and academic associations. It contains over 40,000 e-books.

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Books at JSTOR

DOAB is a small, guided open access based book service that displays and visualizes the overview. It benefits more than 28,000 electronic books.

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DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)

EBSCO eBook Academic Collection is one of the most comprehensive multidisciplinary full-text electronic book databases in the world. It contains around 180,000 e-books, purely academic.

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EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

Includes eBooks on Business and Management by Edward Elgar.

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Edward Elgar eBooks

It includes the Neuroscience, Psychology and Social Sciences collections available from Elsevier e-book packages. Access to 4450 electronic books in total is provided.

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Elsevier eBook Collections

You can access more than 950 e-books on education and sociology is provided.

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Emerald Social Science eBooks

You can access 625 electronic books offered on the IEEE Xplore platform is provided.

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IEEE - Wiley eBooks [1974-2016]

It covers the books in the fields of engineering, science and technology available through the IET platform.

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IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) eBooks

You can access 640 electronic books offered on the IEEE Xplore platform is provided.

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MIT Press eBooks [1943-2016]

You can access 183 electronic books selected for 2022 on the digital book platform.

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Sayısal Kitap

It covers e-books between the years 2014-2019, which were opened to access through the SpringerLink platform. Access to 18,204 e-books on various subjects is provided.

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Springer eBooks Collections [2014-2019]