Library Material Procurement



Suggestions for textbook purchases for the Reserve Unit can be made by academic staff.  Textbooks are purchased so that a book can be used by 40 students on average.

For the attention of the readers:

  • To keep abreast of publications in your areas of interest, you can consult Global Books in Print, Book Index with Reviews, Amazon, etc.
  • The initiator of each suggestion is informed by e-mail on whether the procurement will be made or not.
  • Before making a suggestion for purchase, please check out the Library Catalogue to ensure that the book is not already in the library collection.


Databases and Printed / Electronic Journals

Subscription proposals for electronic databases and printed/ electronic journals are evaluated by considering the collection and budget guidelines. Subscription proposals can be made by students, academic and administrative staff at TEDU. All of the proposals are evaluated at the end of the year by the library, but it cannot be guaranteed that the proposed materials will be procured.
You can send your questions and proposals to, or call (312) 585 0083.

Donation Acquistions

  • TED University Ayse Ilıcak Library can accept donations of library books and non-book library materials that conform to the purposes and principals of the library from private and legal persons.
  • Before bringing the donated publications, the list that contains the publishing information (Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Year, etc.) should be forwarded to the library.
  • Publications to be donated should have the appropriate characteristics; be up to date regarding scientific properties, convenient for university education or socially and culturally supportive to the researchers.
  • Publications that are physically damaged, stamped, drawn, that have missing pages or written notes; elementary, high school textbooks, hand-outs, lecture notes, copied or pirated publications, etc. cannot be accepted as donations.
  • All rights concerning placing the publications on the shelves or sending the double copies to another library as a donation and exchange are reserved by TED University Ayse Ilıcak Library.
  • Periodicals can be accepted as a donation as long as the beginning or the continuation of the collection is present in the library.
  • Magazines, encyclopaedias and other multivolume works can be accepted as donations as long as they maintain the integrity of the series.
  • Materials are added to the library collection after being subject to stock number assignment and other procurement processes.
  • In accordance with the principles of modern library management, donation owners are informed that private collections that can damage the integrity of the collection cannot be accepted.
  • TED University Ayse Ilıcak Library has the right to return the materials accepted as donations, donate them to another library or given up for recycling.
  • Donation owners are not entitled to any rights on donated materials afterwards.